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Board of Directors

The Washington Ballet is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors which contributes significantly to the success of TWB through its oversight, fundraising, outreach, and expertise in many important areas of the organization's operations. The 2014.2015 Board of Directors includes:


Sylvia A. de Leon, Chair
Eve Auchincloss Lilley, Vice Chair
Reggie Van Lee, Vice Chair
Jean-Marie Fernandez, Secretary
Nowell Rush, Treasurer

2014.2015 Board of Directors

Sandra Berler
Judy Heisley Bishop
Timothy J. Bork
Cathy M. Brentzel
Jane R. Cafritz
Roxanne Casscells
Brian Conboy
Christopher B. Cowan
James Edmund Datri
Lou Hill Davidson
Sylvia A. de Leon
David A. Dorros
Lois H. England*
Jean-Marie Fernandez
Barbara Ferrara
Michael B. Goldstein, General Counsel
William B. Harwood*

Kristin Kuehl
Eve Auchincloss Lilley
Winston Bao Lord
Frank Loy*
Gregory Y. Lubar
Dorothy Pierce McSweeny
Timothy E. Owens
Anna Marie Parisi-Trone
Michele Roberts
Barbara S. Rothkopf
Nowell Rush
Maggie Sheedy
Deborah Stark Sigmund
W. Christopher Smith Jr.
Ryuji Ueno
Reginald Van Lee
B. Bryan Wright, Jr.*

Ex Officio

Septime Webre, Artistic Director
Arthur Espinoza, Jr., Managing Director
Rita Roy, President, Women's Committee

Advisory Board

Adrienne Arsht
Anne Ashmore-Hudson
Katherine Brittain Bradley
David L. Burget
Thomas P. Gallagher*

Mary Haft
Barbara Harrison
Cindy Jones
Kay Kendall*
Aimee Lehrman
Monica Medina
John T. Schwieters
Barbara Apple Sullivan

*Denotes, past chair.