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Staff Listing

Artistic and Production Staff


Septime Webre
Artistic Director

David Palmer
Associate Artistic Director
202.362.3606 x147

Elaine Kudo
Ballet Master
202.362.3606 x126

Luis R. Torres
Studio Company and Trainee Ballet Master
202.362.3606 x124

Abby Olson
Company Manager/Corporate Secretary
202.362.3606 x117


Edward R. Cucurello
Production Stage Manager
202.362.3606 x128

Karen Storms
Stage Manager
202.362.3606 x136

Rob Fabrizio
Lighting Supervisor
202.362.3606 x129

Monica Leland
Wardrobe Supervisor
202.362.3606 x127

Rebekah Nettekoven Tello
Wardrobe Assistant
202.362.3606 x127


Arthur Espinoza, Jr.
Managing Director
202.362.3606 x148

Morgan Meadows
Executive Assistant
202.362.3606 x125

External Relations

Marketing and Communications

Rosie Vergilio
Director of Marketing and Communications
202.362.3606 x120

Elizabeth Chu
Marketing and Communications Manager
202.362.3606 x150

Jessica Fredericks
Public Relations and Publications Manager
202.362.3606 x115

Barrett Newman
Ticketing Services Manager
202.362.3606 x119

Sharon King
Assistant Patron Services Manager
202.362.3606 x141

Brian Moran
Ticketing Services Assistant
202.362.3606 x605


Nan Moring
Director of Development

Elizabeth Sizer
Manager of Special Events and Stewardship
202.362.3606 x123

Lauren Hallford
Manager of Institutional Giving
202.362.3606 x114

John Philligin
Manager of Individual Giving
202.362.3606 x144

Alexandra Neal
Development Operations Coordinator
202.362.3606 x113

Alexandra Whetzel
Stewardship and Special Events Coordinator
202.362.3606 x122

Finance and Administration

Shakira Segundo
CFO & HR Director
202.362.3606 x132

Gabriela Badele
Accounts Receivable & Payroll Manager
202.362.3606 x156

Jacob Durham
Staff Accountant
202.362.3606 x131

Fidel Colin
Director of Facilities
202.362.3606 x130

The Washington School of Ballet

Kee Juan Han
School Director
202.362.3606 x134

Northwest Campus

Donna Glover
School Manager
202.362.3606 x149

Anne Grobstich Erps
School Manager - Lower Division NW
202.362.3606 x158

Kristina Windom
Artistic Coordinator & Summer Coordinator
202.362.3606 x157


Katrina Toews
Director of TWB@THEARC
202.889.8150 x234

Maggie Williamson
202.889.8150 x235

Sonitra MacRall
School Manager
202.889.8150 x233