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Jason Hartley, Zachary Hackstock and Jonathan Jordan by Brianne Bland

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Get closer to TWB through this News and Media section. Our behind-the-scenes videos offer a window into TWB and will give you a glimpse of rigorous Company rehearsals, and more. Our photo gallery is a collection of snapshots from TWB’s performances, cultivation events and hot parties. If you haven’t attended our events, we hope these photos will inspire you to do so!  Septime’s Salon serves as an outlet for our illustrious Artistic Director to give you the inside scoop on upcoming TWB initiatives, and from time to time, he will invite other TWB staff members, artists and friends to share their perspectives as well!  Bone up on Ballet by reading through our Ballet101 page before our next performance, and finally, if you’re a member of the press or just an interested patron, please feel free to download press releases, artist bios and a season brochure on our Press page.


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