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Laura Urgelles by Brianne Bland


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A throbbing tooth, Dr. Watkins contends, could cause as many problems as an aching ankle since it could distract a dancer and hinder her from performing at her highest physical and artistic ability. Though Dr. Watkins is dedicated to ensuring dancer’s teeth are physically healthy, he also understands the important role aesthetics play in the lives of performing artists.

“Having a great smile can be a big confidence builder,” he said, knowing that confidence is key when performing in front of hundreds or even thousands of people.

Though Dr. Watkins has seen over a dozen now smiling students since he began offering his services to TWB, his biggest supporter may be Washington School of Ballet Manager Donna Glover. Having once worked in a dental office, Glover has seen firsthand the havoc poor dental health can wreak. She said she can now breathe a little easier knowing TWSB student’s smiles are in good hands.

“Most of our advanced students in the Professional Track Program are from out of state or from another country,” Glover said. “Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Watkins our international students and students on financial aid are guaranteed the best dental care in the city.”

The dental practice of Drs. Sullivan, Kaihara, Watkins and Sullivan, Jr. has been exceeding patient’s expectations for over 30 years. They have gained a worldwide reputation for innovative smile care and frequently host an international continuing dental education seminar. The practice’s dentists are annually featured in Washingtonian Magazine’s” The Best Dentists” as chosen by their peers. For more information, visit smilesinternational.com.

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