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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Anna-Marie finished staging Don Q Act 1 on Friday and today she’s making good headway through Act 2. Whereas Act 1 is set in a town square featuring a fiesta-like atmosphere, tons of athletic feats and lots of humor, Act 2’s centerpiece is the serene and quite beautiful Dryad scene.

Don Quixote imagines the troublemaker Kitri to be his Dulcinea and we see an idealized scene of dancing Dryads—beautiful women-creatures—in a classic Petipa dream sequence along the lines of La Bayadere’s Kingdom of the Shades scene, or Swan Lake act 2. If the men (and Kitri!) define the energy of Act 1, then it’s the sumptuous and lyrical dancing of the women which dominates Act 2. There are actually 2 corps de ballets in the scene: one comprised of our Company and Studio Company ladies, and one for 24 serious young ballet students from our level 4 and 5 classes. They are charming and also stage struck. And the scene is filled with some pretty tricky variations (solos) for women on pointe. Rui Huang, Jade Payette, Diana Albrecht and Sona Kharatian are all working on the famed role of the Queen of the Dryads...They are all a delight.


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