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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

8:45 PM:
Today we held our new season photo shoot, an event that it is always exciting, but a bit nerve-wracking too. We had a jam-packed schedule to stick to, and it’s easy to drift off course, especially when your company dancers are as photogenic as ours! Still we managed to get all the shots for the 2010.2011 season brochure (details to come) and some new shots for our upcoming spring programs, Bolero(+) (Click here for tickets and more information) and Genius3 (Click here for tickets and more information).

At this year’s shoot, we had the pleasure of working with Jill Turnbull, an amazing hair and makeup stylist who collaborated with us on our Wonderland book (Click here for more information). Jill generously offered her services at the shoot, adding edgy and fashionable hair and make-up to all the photos, as well as a sense of fantasy to the entire day.

From Jonathan Jordan’s “Buster Poindexter ducktail” (Note: I sported the exact same hairstyle circa 1985, with equally trendy shoulder pads…) to Luis Torres’s six-inch-tall mohawk and Morgann Frederick’s tipping tower of tresses, Jill’s wigs and hairstyles certainly added the “glam factor” to all our photos. Maki Onuki also rocked an intricate wig that looked like ribbon candy drizzled atop her head or a multi-layered torte that Marie Antoinette might have served to her ladies in waiting at high tea. (This was off-set by a sexy-as-hell leotard and matching jacket.) Still hundreds more shots were taken, and our photographer, Steve Vaccariello, and his crew moved from coffee to Coca Cola to Red Bull. Finally, as the last of the natural light shining through the studio windows faded to darkness, we closed up shop. Check out our photo and video galleries for more “behind-the-scenes” looks at our season photo shoot.

This shoot is far more than a fashion show, however. It highlights the season to come, and energizes our entire institution as we think about how we will each play a role in what’s to come. We look forward to sharing the season with you in the coming weeks. Don’t forget to check this blog for continuous updates, and join me at The Great Gatsby (Click here for tickets and information) where I’ll offer up a sneak peek of what’s to come here at TWB. Finally, mark your calendar for early March when we officially launch our 2010.2011 Season!


Photo Credit: Septime Webre and David Palmer with Studio Company member Ayano Kimura

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