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Friday, May 25, 2012

Hey there TWB family!

Now that our Spellbound season has wrapped up, I have some time to talk about some of the fascinating things I've been doing alongside the upbeat and fast-paced season! So as you all may, or may not, know last year I had to have surgery on the rotator cuff in my shoulder. However, I did not for any moment let that hold me back from getting my flex and flow on...

For the last year, I have taken a significant amount of time to not only meditate and get in tune mentally, but to also keep it together physically. It isn't easy keeping up with the amazing TWB dancers' high energy and stamina when creating athletic pieces like ALICE (in wonderland). So, I built a weekly routine of yoga training classes five times a week with the amazing Gail Harris at Flow Yoga Center right here in DC.

Trust me, these are the kind of classes you do not want to pass on. She is one incredible instructor, with her special way of connecting and challenging she truly makes taking Ashtanga Yoga classes. Really! Within the last year of being totally disabled due to shoulder surgery, I am up and doing some pretty advanced yoga poses, like the "side crow." I also now have, super awesome flexibility. When I am not taking formal classes, I usually take time at least twice out of the week, either in my living room or if it is a beautiful DC day on my patio, to train to continue to build and preserve my strength. There are many ballets this body has to produce!

Can You Imagine? I can, so check  me out next week in Septime's Salon. In the meantime check out what I can do...

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