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Thursday, October 15, 2009

7:37 AM:
Don Quixote really soared last night. Last night was the preview performance and the whole cast was really on. Jonathan Jordan and guest Viengsay Valdes were electrifying. Jon’s natural smoothness, virtuosic fireworks, and intrinsically elegant style with Viengsay’s astonishing balances, silken turns, and passionate Cuban style were met by a standing ovation which lasted quite a long time. The whole cast did a bang-up job considering they had knocked it our of the ball park at the dress rehearsal a couple of hours earlier. Some highlights:

Viengsay's striking a balance en attitude in the Act 3 Adagio, and remaining perched en pointe—almost as in a trance-skipping a whole passage of choreography because she balanced for so darn long

Jon Jordan’s thrilling manege and series of double turns a la second in the Act 3 coda

Maki Onuki’s spitfire portrayal of Amour in the Act 2 Vision Scene

Jade Payette’s last minute debut as the Queen of the Dryads, replacing an injured Rui Huang with about 30-minutes notice

The hilarious tang between Carlos Valcarcel’s flamboyant Gamache and Luis Torres’s grand and eccentric Don Quixote

Peter DiMuro’s crotchety but warm portrayal of Lorenzo (it’s wonderful to have Peter, the Director of Dance/MetroDC, guesting with us!)

Brooklyn Mack’s pantherine Espada the matador

Sona Kharatian’s smoldering portrayal of Mercedes

The Matadors’ display of virtuosity at the opening of the Act 3 Wedding Scene

The seven amazingly cute little boys—hooligan urchins—who run about in Act 1

This afternoon we have a rehearsal for the third cast and then at 8 pm we premiere Don Quixote. Let the games begin….

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