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Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23, 2010
3:12 AM
The Nutcracker kicked in to gear the last weekend of September with auditions at THEARC and then in NW. A huge number of dancers auditioned and the year a record number 425 dancers are performing in Nutz over multiple casts. Thank heavens for Donna Glover and her army! We expanded the run to five weeks- Thanksgiving week at THE ARC and then four weeks at The Warner. As I type this (with my thumb on my phone!) we've of five more shows left. I've given the dancers the green light to do a "Nutty Nutcracker" on the last show. I'll miss that performance dammit-I'll be in Texas visiting my family and we'll all likely be swimming in mojitos by then. I just hope the dancers keep it clean. :-)

Christianne Campbell by Theo Kossenas

Maki Onuki and Jonathan Jordan by Theo Kossenas

Rui Huang and Jared Nelson by Theo Kossenas

With Soldiers and my godson Will backstage.

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