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Sunday, October 04, 2009

9:45 PM:
It’s baaaaaaack...We just finished our Nutcracker audition process—last weekend at THE ARC, and this weekend at our Northwest campus, with final call backs ending a few hours ago. While completely exhausting, the experience is also completely inspiring. The young dancers age 6-18 are so filled with joy and enthusiasm for the world they are discovering. Some highlights:

The impossible cuteness of the smallest children in the “I want cheese” mouse dance phrase; the seriousness of the levels 2’s as the y marched as soldiers with single-minded focus; the level three’s trying their hand at cartwheels and the challenging saute arabesque, faille, glissade pas de chat to tendu phrase. Stunning and willowy little butterflies bouree-ing on pointe; the boys (aka little hooligans) marching together, a group of teenage girls trying their skills in Clara’s big solo in Act 1. Casting will be posted on Wednesday—I know there will be lots of sleep lost by aspiring young dancers between now and then….


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