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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

6:45 AM:
It's production week! Yesterday morning at 8 AM the production team, lead by Ed Cucurello, Monica Leland, Jax Messenger and Karen Storm began loading Don Quixote into the Ike Theater.

They broke at 11 PM last night and will start again at 8 this morning. It’s a rush against the clock—they’ve got to get a huge set built and lights focused by our 2 pm tech rehearsal today. At 11 this morning Anna-Marie Holmes, David Palmer and I will set the spikes (we’ll push the set around the stage and ensure it’s set up as needed) and review our notes and game plan for the next two days. We’ve got about 75 dancers involved in this production, and we need to ensure they all know what they are doing backstage and where they need to be on stage, and we’ve got very little time. Changing the set from scene to scene is a major operation, so we’ll rehearse the ballet out of order to save time. We’ll be spacing Cast A and then running Cast B all day, and also slipping Cast C on stage as we have time so they get used to the space. Our schedule looks something like this:

2-5 PM: Act 3 (the taverna scene and the wedding scene) and the opening of Act 1

5-6 PM: while the professional dancers and crew are on a dinner break, Anna-Marie, David and I will space the student dancers: cupids, urchins, townsfolk, etc.

6-9 PM: Finish staging Act 1, and then Act 2 (gypsy and vision scene)

Keeping the engine running (with 75 dancers and about 25 members of the crew) is one of the most important things about today. We’ve got to get through the whole ballet by 9 PM, and also ensure the production is infused with a great sense of verve and daring. Damn it’s a lot of work making art.

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