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Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday, January 29
6PM: The Great Gatsby rehearsal day ends.

7:30PM – 11:45 PM: I find myself working at my dining room table, with the musical score from The Great Gatsby playing on my iTunes, and with two composition notebooks filled with notes on the production. Through the evening I work through preparing the entire Act 2 pas de deux between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan ---a duet that takes place during the middle of their torrid summer love affair. Eventually I danced the whole pas de deux in my dining room by myself – well, with my imaginary special friend...

Over four hours and four ice cold Red Stripes later.... I went to bed with my old and worn copy of The Great Gatsby novel in my hand, while attempting to edit the monologues Nick Caroway will perform onstage.

Saturday, January 30

10AM – 1PM: While snowed in, I prepared the staging for the cityscape scene; it’s a chaotic and raucous depiction of the streets of New York City during rush hour, including: a Priest, a Rabbi, a Lady with a Pram, a NY Yankee, Stockbrokers, a guy selling puppies, two Salvation Army ladies, a sailor, a tart, a millionaire a starlet....and a partridge in a pear tree.

1PM: I ventured out in the snow to Transformer for a 2PM artist talk with the collaborators on the Snow Globe project. Luckily, Transformer is next door to a Whole Foods, so I was able to stock up on more Red Stripes for later hours to come!

7 – 10PM: Worked on the Gatsby scene “Louisville Flashback” scene set to an amazing (and funny) World War I march from teens--James A. Brennan’s “We’re all going calling on the Kaiser.” The scene is about American soldiers being sent off to Germany. In this scene we see the story of how Daisy and Gatsby meet and fall in love. Gatsby goes off to war, and despite the love they share Daisy does not wait for Gatsby. She marries the wealthy playboy Tom Buchanan. Because “rich girls don’t marry poor boys.”

10PM and beyond: Time for a good gossip session on the phone with my sister in Austin, and a few Red Stripes for kicks.

Sunday, January 31

10AM – 2PM: While listening to Gospel music, I worked on the casting, synopsis, music set list and format for Gatsby’s Playbill. Our Public Relations Manager Alyssa Porambo is a hard ass when it comes to these things.

4–6PM: Attended the WPAS Men, Women, and Children of Gospel concert at the Kennedy Center’s Concert Hall. I’m really interested in collaborating on a large project with them in the future (not for the 2010.2011 season though; but stay tuned for details on the upcoming season!)

7–9PM: I worked on finishing a Charlie Chaplain-esque sofa dance sequence featuring Nick Caroway, Jordan Baker, Daisy Buchanan, and Tom Buchanan.

9PM: I partook in the ultimate multi-tasking, flipping between a new episode of HBO’s Big Love and the Grammys while doing my part to help the economy by investing in Red Stripe Jamaican Breweries. My apologies to Negra Modelo.

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