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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Rooster is inspired by The Rolling Stones’ music I grew up with, and is a celebration of those days. It casts an ironic eye on the sixties and the attitudes of the times including, I have to say, the rather chauvinistic mentality of most young men during my teenage years. This is why I have created the analogy between the strutting cockerel with his fine feathers and the man dressed up to go out on the town. I should add that the women do hold their own against the male posturing, occasionally taking pleasure in bringing them down to earth.

I think the themes I touch upon in Rooster are universal. However, what I enjoy about dance as an art form is that it doesn’t use words to nail down exactly what the piece is about. For me dance is a collage of ideas that the audience can read on several levels. Every time they come to it they can see something different, depending on their mood or the particular performance on that occasion. In any work I create I am always attempting to take the audience to my invented world. If I can engage and transport the viewer to that place it gives me great ‘satisfaction.’

It is always exciting to come back to Rooster because it doesn’t appear to date and, like The Rolling Stones’ music, seems to engage a range of generations. I do hope it will give the Washington audiences the same pleasure and amusement the dancers and I feel when we are bringing it to life.


Christopher Bruce

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