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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brrrr! It’s cold outside but a little snow hasn’t stopped us from an incredibly successful run of The Jazz/Blues Project at the Harman Center or from celebrating a HOT Noche de Pasión at the Colombian Ambassador’s Residence. In addition to some rave reviews (here, here and here), check out these GORGEOUS photos:

Studio rehearsal shots of Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s PRISM
Maki Onuki and Corey Landolt by Paul Wegner

The Jazz/Blues Project performance of PRISM by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa at the Harman Center.
Luis R. Torres and Kateryna Derechyna by Paul Wegner

The Jazz/Blues Project performance of Blue Until June by Trey McIntyre at the Harman Center.
L to R: Luis R. Torres, Jonathan Jordan and Andile Ndlovu by Paul Wegner; Francesca Dugarte and Jonathan Jordan by Paul Wegner

Carmella de Villegas, Pilar Frank O'Leary, Luis Carlos Villegas (Ambassador from Colombia) and Septime Webre (TWB Artistic Director) photo by Russell Hirshon
TWB Dancers (Marshall Whitely, Fernanda Oliveira, Daniel Savetta and Josué Justiz ) performing at Noche de Pasión, photo by Russell Hirshon

We’re going to heat things up at The Kennedy Center with a full-on BRITISH INVASION! Featuring the music of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, we’re bringing Trey McIntyre’s A Day in the Life and Christopher Bruce’s Rooster, plus Christopher Wheeldon’s riveting There Where She Loved to the stage from March 5 through March 9. If you haven’t already, get your tickets here [link] before it’s too late! We’re going to ROCK your ballet slippers off.

Chong Sun, Andile Ndlovu, Jonathan Jordan and Jared Nelson by Tony Brown, imijphoto.com

Plus, just between me and you, I’ll have an exciting announcement waiting for you at BRITISH INVASION. You can only find out if you’re there. So, don’t miss out! See y’all at the theater.

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