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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Say hello to all our fabulous Company and Studio Company members. I am excited to say that the Ballet has assembled an amazing group of talented dancers this year.  Please join me in welcoming all of them to a season that is SOARING.

 In addition to all these talented individuals, our TWSB students started class this week. TWB offices and studios are once again buzzing with staff, dancers, faculty and students.

The Company

Top Row L. to R.: Tamás Krizsa, Maki Onuki, Zachary Hackstock, Corey Landolt, Andile Ndlovu, Aurora Dickie

Middle Row L. to R.: Chong Sun, Daniel Roberge, Morgann Rose, Elaine Kudo, Septime Webre, David Palmer, Ayano Kimura, Brooklyn Mack

Front Row L. to R.: Hyun-Woong Kim, Kateryna Derechyna, Tamako Miyazaki, Sona Kharatian, Jonathan Jordan

Missing: Jared Nelson, Luis R. Torres, Ekaterina Oleynik, Francesca Dugarte

The Studio Company

Top Row L. to R.: Fernanda Oliveira, Carly Wheaton, Laura Chachich

Middle Row L. to R.: Ariel Breitman, Carolyn Lippert, Elaine Kudo, Septime Webre, David Palmer, Marshall Whiteley, Daniel Savetta, Josue Justiz

Front Row L. To R.: Esmiana Jani, Olivia Lipnick

Missing: Sukyung Park

Now... the hard work begins to get ready for another amazing season.

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